July 31, 2018

Next to Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is a must-visit destination for those who want to escape the busy life and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the sea. Visiting there, you will have the chances to sunbathe on the long white sandy beaches and sink in the blue cool sea water. According to La pinta cruise Bai Tu Long Bay, here are the best Bai Tu Long Bay beaches for you to take notes during your trip schedule.

An overview of Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the north of Halong Bay but it is quite far away from Cat Ba island. This bay is famous for its beautiful beaches, resorts, as well as close to the gorgeous limestone caves. The ecology of Bai Tu Long Bay is extremely rich with moist tropical forests, marine and coastal ecosystems.

There is a legend that in the million years ago when the enemy invaded our country, the Jade Emperor ordered the mother dragon and her children flying down to kill the enemy. When the enemy’s ships entered our territory, the mother dragon sprayed the plenty of pearls that turned into the thousands of limestone islands against the footsteps of the enemy. After the victory, the mother dragon didn’t back to the heaven, she landed on the bay named Halong, and her children stayed in Bai Tu Long, the mother dragon tail became an island named Bach Long Vi.

There are so many interesting places in Bai Tu Long for you to visit such as Vung Vieng floating village, Quan Lan island and Van Don island. Apart from that, you can have a chance to explore the Bai Tu Long national park, which is one of seven national parks in Vietnam having both the ecosystems at sea and on land.

Top 6 beautiful beaches in Bai Tu Long

Ba Trai Dao beach

From the tourism port, it takes about 10 hours of canoeing to Ba Trai Dao beach. The name of this beach is special like that because there are three sandy beaches around embracing the island, it looks like three peaches from the far distance. So people called Ba Trai Dao beach.

bai tu long famous beaches

You can only swim at the beach till 3 p.m because the tide will quickly rise and the beach will disappear in the sea water. However, the landscape of Ba Trai Dao beach at that time is so charming, you can come here to witness the vivid sunlight when the sun slowly drowns in the horizon.

Minh Chau beach

Minh Chau beach is a beautiful beach with the long white sand not sticking legs. Here you can join in many interesting outdoor activities such as camping overnight which is very interesting.

bai tu long unpopular beach

According to La pinta cruise ship reviews, the best way to go to Minh Chau beach is you can jump in a Tai Xa ferry from Cam Pha to Cai Rong town, it is around 9 km. Then you go to Cai Rong port and continuously catch a ferry to Quan Lan island. Minh Chau beach is located on this island. At Minh Chau beach, you can lay down on the long white smooth sandy beach to sunbathe and enjoy the sounds of the sea as well as drown yourself in the tranquil blue sea water. After the tiredness of playing around, you can find a place to relax and enjoy the specialties of the sea.

Quan Lan beach

Quan Lan beach is located in Quan Lan island in Bai Tu Long Bay, it is 55 km from Halong City. This is a beautiful unspoiled beach with the unpolluted ecological ecosystem.

bai tu long remote beach

With a blue sea water, waves, white sand stretching to several kilometers, Quan Lan beach still keeps the pristine beauty as it used to be in the thousand years ago. You can easily see the wild green pineapple fences just near the edge of the sea water a few meters, that is so rare on the other beaches.

Recent years, there are investors building a house-style lodging system which harmonizes with nature. A red brick road leads visitors to the main road of the island to Quan Lan beach. The pristine beauty and ecological environment in here make up the tourist attraction to Quan Lan beach.

Ngoc Vung beach

Ngoc Vung is one of the offshore beaches with the immense deep blue water within four seasons. This beach is located in the south of Ngoc Vung island, about 34 km southeast of the tourist port.

bai tu long bay beautiful beaches

The smooth sandy beach is about 3 km of length with the twinkle golden ray of the sun. Coming to this beach, tourists will have a wonderful time to sunbathe on the beautiful beach and see the beauty of mountain and sea. The seafood is fresh and cheap, that is caught by the fishermen.

Ti Top beach

It is about 14 km from the east of Bai Chay. This beach has the shape of the crescent moon embracing the foot of the island, The sandy beach is small but quiet. The very clean and tranquil sea water combining with the beauty of sky and mountain create a romantic view, especially in the sunrise and sunset.

bai tu long bay beach

This beach has a strange name like this because in 1962 President Ho Chi Minh City and astronaut Gierek Man Ti Top visited here, people named it as Ti Top to memorize this important event. At present, there are the bar at the beach, swimming pool, freshwater swimming pool. Freshwater is transported from the mainland by Halong Bay Management. This beach is attracting many visitors to bath and visit this island.

Tuan Chau beach

The beautiful beach is located in Tuan Chau island tourist resort, about 8 km from the tourist port. This is an artificial beach with sand dunes stretching 2 km attracting a lot of tourists each year.

bai tu long bay beaches

Going to Tuan Chau island resort, tourists can visit the beautiful villas and entertaining zone as well as participate in the leisure activities such as mountain climbing, camping on pine forest, especially one must-do thing you have to do here is swimming in the beautiful blue sea water.

Tuan Chau beach with a sandy beach stretching 2 km will give tourists the experience to wave between waves of the blue sea. There is a villa of 50 rooms with international standards 5 stars bring guests comfortable moments right next to the beach. On Tuan Chau Island, you can take part in the water sport activities such as high-speed jet skiing, canoeing umbrellas, windsurfing or fishing in the sea of ​​Halong and junk boat in Lan Ha Bay, etc.

It is so regrettable if you ignore Bai Tu Long Bay when traveling to Halong Bay because it is as beautiful as the new seven wonders of the world. If this information is useful for you, please contact us to know more details. Thank you!


July 30, 2018

Legend says the complex of the majestic limestone karsts in Bai Tu Long Bay was created by the mother dragon and her children. When you step your foot here to witness the breathtaking scenes of nature, there are numerous things to keep you busy in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Exploring Bai Tu Long national park

Bai Tu Long national park is located in Bai Tu Long Bay islands and close to the World Natural Heritage Site of Halong Bay. It is considered a green treasure of the biosphere in the northeastern coast of Vietnam. This national park is over 15.783 ha, in which the total forest area is 6.125 ha covering more than 40 islands. The main area of the national park is Ba Mun island, Minh Chau commune. The animal and plant species living in forests and water area of Bai Tu Long national park is very abundant and rare, has high value for conservation of genetic resources.

According to the survey, there are over 178  aquatic plant species, 119 fish species, 132 invertebrate species, 106 coral species living in the sea and wetland, and a dozen of birds such as Burmese hawks, Japanese eagles, blackhawks, White-rumped Shama, big Coucal, Hai Nam flycatchers in this park.

It takes you a whole day to discover the manners of species and witness the amazing landscape in Bai Tu Long national park.

bai tu long bay events
Enter the unscattered Bai Tu Long national park

Kayaking Bai Tu Long Bay in solitude

Kayaking in Bai Tu Long Bay is the best way to explore the charming beauty of this bay. Sailing through the small islands, visiting the mysterious caves, lagoons, beaches and floating villages, etc, you can see clearly the quintessence of nature when creating this place. The best convenient point of the kayak is it can go where other big boats cannot. Depending on the length of trip, you can choose to book the different kayak route and time. The most beautiful route of kayaking is paddling through the small islands to get closer to limestone mountains and enjoy the breathtaking nature. Touching every corner of Bai Tu Long Bay must be a great experience for life.

When kayaking, you must follow the tour guide. It is not worth to do by yourself and ignore the warning of your tour guide. The tour guide will guide you on how to use the paddle and where is the safe water region for kayaking. The life jacket is a must for this activity when kayaking Bai Tu Long Bay. It is better to wear the comfortable clothes such as T-shirt and short, swimming suit, wet shoes, hat, etc. And you should bring your own water bottle, suncream, and insect spray to avoid the heat of sunlight.

bai tu long bay what to enjoy
Most excitiing activity in Bai Tu Long bay

Exploring Vung Vieng floating village

Exploring this special village by joining Lan Ha Bay Junk cruise to the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay. When coming to Vung Vieng floating village, you are not only immersed in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere but also discovered the unique lifestyle and culture of the local people. They are the fishermen who live in a happy and simple life, they will be happy to show you their traditional fishing tips, dropping and pulling the net.

Like other floating villages in Halong Bay or floating villages in Lan Ha Bay, you only approach to Vung Vieng Village by boat. The local people make a living here at the low demand and there is only one elementary school in the area so children at Vung Vieng only attend school in few years then going to the mainland if their parents want them to keep learning higher level. So it is a suggestion that tourists can prepare some small gifts such as coloring books, notebooks, pencil, for those lovely children.

The journey to the village ends at one point intriguing dip when the boat leads you to a cave that you can witness the limestone pillars carved by the water flows through the thousand years.

bai tu long bay things to do
The oldest fishing village in the region

Visiting the complex of Quan Lan communal house, Quan Lan pagoda, Quan Lan temple

Quan Lan island holds the ancient traditional architectures which are the evidence of the glorious time in the past when this land was known as one of the best commercial ports in Vietnam. The first stop when visiting Quan Lan island is Quan Lan communal house which is one of two oldest communal houses in Quang Ninh province. It was built in the 17 century under Le dynasty. This is the place worshiping King Ly Anh Tong and people who established the village.

Next to the Quan Lan communal house, you will come to visit Quan Lan pagoda where worships Buddha and Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh. The pagoda is preserving the valuable Buddha statues with the hundred ages and the unique designs.

Quan Lan Temple is next to Quan Lan pagoda. This is the shrine of three brothers of Pham family. They died while fighting against the Mongol invaders at the battle of Van Don in 1288.

bai tu long bay activities
Take a look at local traditional activities

Visiting La Pinta luxury cruises Halong Bay to have a wonderful trip to Bai Tu Long. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Best trip for you.



July 28, 2018

Anyone who is interested in Quang Ninh tourism or Halong tourism absolutely has heard about Bai Tu Long National Park. This national park is considered a green space connecting small islands together, creating a charming image which is beautiful enough to fascinate tourists due to its natural beauty. If you have a chance to visit Bai Tu Long National Park, do not forget to take a tour from Halong Bay La Pinta cruise.

Overview of Bai Tu Long National Park

Bai Tu Long National Park – “the 38th ASIAN Heritage Park” is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, about 200km east of Hanoi. Bai Tu Long National Park consists of marine ecosystems. The area of the sea accounts for 2/3 of the national park area. It is the place of many rare genes of plants and animals species which are recorded in the Red Book.

Bai Tu Long National Park has a total area of 15, 783 hectares of which 6,125 ha is the area of the forest and the forest land with more than 40 big and small islands and 9,650 ha is the area of the sea surface, bays, and wetlands. In the ecological area of Ba Mun Island, Minh Chau commune is the core area of the national park. The fauna and flora species in Bai Tu Long National Park are very rich, rare, and valuable in gene conservation.

According to a survey, Bai Tu Long National Park has more than 178 species of aquatic plants, 119 species of fish, 132 species of invertebrates, 106 species of coral living in the sea, and dozens of species of hunting birds such as Burmese hawk, or Japanese falcon…

The geological structure of Bai Tu Long National Park consists of land islands lying interlaced with rocky islands such as Ba Mun, Ngoc Lon, Ngoc Nho, Nam Bo, Sau Dong, Dong Ma, Hon Chau, Lo Ho, Ha Nam, Ha Bac, Di To, Chu Chay, Da Khoi, and Soi Nhu.  Especially, Minh Chau commune which is a part of Bai Tu Long Park owns a 2km smooth white sand beach which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Tokin.

The most ideal time to visit Bai Tu Long National Park

The most ideal time to explore Bai Tu Long National Park is from May to August. Because it is the time when the waves are calm, the trees are green and fresh, and the weather is nice. Therefore, tourists do not need to worry about the bad weather at this time. Tourists can admire the beautiful scenery from every view. Besides together with La Pinta cruise Halong Bay itinerary, tourists will have the opportunity to experience exploring the green forest, swimming, and relaxing. This will be valuable experiences that no trip can bring to visitors.

bai tu long bay national park
The rare turtles of Bai Tu Long national park

Bai Tu Long National Park what to bring

A successful trip is a trip having the good preparation. In this post, we will suggest you some necessary and useful things.

Necessary things

  • Luggage, zipper, bag, and backpack to hold your all things.
  • Clothing: t-shirts, socks, pants, shorts, hats, shoes, sunglasses, bag, headband, hiking boots, and gloves.
  • Map, GPS, and tourist books about Bai Tu Long National Park.
  • Electric devices: cellphone, and camera.
  • Medicines: first-aid kit, insect repellent, and sunscreen
  • Other stuff: personal belongings, and food and drink…

Useful tips

  • The ideal time to explore Bai Tu Long National Park is 6:00 am – 16:00 pm.
  • Going to the forest in a group with the guide of a tour guide or local people.
  • Eating enough meals in a day (eat cooked food and drink clean water)
  • Walking in the protected area to avoid the attacking of dangerous animals.
  • Preparing things for solving being attacked by dangerous insects and animals.

What to eat in Bai Tu Long National Park

bai tu long national park
The scene from Bai Tu Long national park

If tourists choose Bai Tu Long National Park to become their destination, they will have a good chance to try many delicious dishes here.

Banh Gat Gu:  Banh Gat Gu has the same form of rolled sheets. Banh Gat Gu has the elastic; therefore, when we hold it, it nods as if greeting

Geoduck: this is a kind of precious seafood. It is rich in nutrients and can be processed in many nutritious dishes.

Stir-fried noodle with clams: this is a unique dish in Bai Tu Long. Clams can be processed into many delicious dishes with different aromas. When coming here, you should try this dish.

We hope that this post will give you the useful information about Bai Tu Long Bay National Park. If you are attending to visit Bai Tu Long National Park, do not hesitate to book a tour of our website La Pinta cruise Halong Bay review. We hope that we are your reliable partner in the near future. Have a great trip!



July 27, 2018

Where are you going to choose to visit this summer? Bai Tu Long Bay will be the best choice for you. Together with La Pinta cruise Halong Bay, tourists will have a chance to visit top beautiful caves in Bai Tu Long Bay. But why Bai Tu Long Bay is your right choice? Let us answer this question!

About Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long is a bay of Vietnam, located in the Gulf of Tokin in the northeast of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay consists of a sea area of Halong city, Cam Pha city, and Van Don Island district. It borders Halong Bay to the southwest, the sea to the east, Cam Pha city and the land to the west, and Co To Island to the northeast. Bai Tu Long Bay consists of hundreds of large and small islands and many people go to live in the large islands.

If Halong Bay is considered as a beautiful girl, Bai Tu Long Bay is compared to a charming and elegant lady. Indeed, Bai Tu Long together with Halong Bay has recognized the world heritage site by UNESCO. That is the reason why Bai Tu Long, Vietnam was voted Top 5 tourist attractions in Southeast Asia (2006) by Gecko Travel (UK).

According to the statistics, Bai Tu Long Bay has hundreds of limestone mountain islands and stalactites with many famous sites such as Bai Tho mountain, Con Coc (toad) islet, Tien Ong islet, and Con Rua (tortoise islet)… Besides, when visiting Bai Tu Long, tourists can have a chance to relax on many beautiful and peaceful beaches such as Con Co beach, Van Don beach, Quan Lan beach, Minh Chau beach, or Co to beach

Moreover, trying Bai Tu Long seafood will be the best thing for you. Bai Tu Long Bay is famous for peanut worms, crabs, shrimps, squids, and fish… All of them are fresh and good for our health. It will be unforgotten moments on the trip to Bai Tu Long.

Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son – one of the most beautiful caves in Bai Tu Long is a fairly wild cave, located on Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay, belonging to the Cong Do Sanctuary. It is really an interesting tourist spot for both domestic and foreign visitors due to its natural beauty, pristine limestone stalactites, and beautiful landscapes.

bai tu long bay caves
Experience dinning in Thien Canh Son cave

Inside the cave, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the exotic beauty of the limestone stalagmites formed thousands of years ago, which makes up unique images such as the image of a lotus and a picture of a little elephant.  The ceiling of the cave is covered with a layer of “shiny carpet” and numerous stalactites appear shiningly like “hanging lights,” “stone statue”, “stone elephant”, “seals”, and “flowers”. They all seem to create an imaginary world, as if in a dream.

To visit the cave tourists will have to climb about 100 stone steps, but you will be surprised by the beautiful scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay from above, where you can satisfy to relax and take a lot of beautiful photos. Right under Thien Canh Son Cave is a smooth white sand beach. After a long long time visiting the cave, visitors can freely bathe or kayaking near sand beach.

Tam Cung cave

Tam Cung cave – one of must-visit Bai Tu Long caves is located in the center of Halong Bay, 5km northeast of Surprise cave. The cave is divided into three compartments. There are many beautiful stalactites. In all three compartments, stalactites create vivid natural shapes such as a fairy with a white beard, white phyllo cactus grandis, lions, seals, or statues of sea gods

caves in bai tu long
Colorful Tam Cung cave

Getting into the first compartment, we suddenly hear the beautiful sound like the sound of T’rung. Moreover, tourists will see the image of a fairy with the white beard holding a cane. Or you will see the image of 3 Tam Da gods standing taciturnly on the wall to see everything about the life.

From the first compartment to the second compartment, you have to pass through a small slit with bumpy steps. This place is like a living nature museum with rock lions, seals, sea gods … And in the middle of the compartment, it is a stream of fresh water all year round and the two sides are the stone curtain letting down from the ceiling. All seem to be moving.

In the final compartment, tourists will see a monumental sculpture which is carved with many weird shapes but very elaborate. All layers are put in a balanced and harmonious structure with flowers, beautiful canes, a natural stone curtain, and gentle elephants

Me Cung cave

bai tu long caves
Original Me Cung cave

Together with a tour from La Pinta cruise boat Halong Bay, tourists will experience Me Cung cave – one of the top grottoes in Bai Tu Long with a lot of beautiful feelings. Me Cung cave is 2km to the south of Ti Top beach. From a distance, the door of the cave is like a roof house that is big enough for one person. There are many compartments inside the cave. They are small but extremely delicate with beautiful shapes of stalactites such as statues, wonderful patterns, stone lions, and stone bears…

When you see a pale light from far away, it is the exit. Out of the door, tourists will catch the scenery of a lake with clean blue water during 4 seasons. It is the home of aquatic species such as fish, shrimps, crabs, and coral reefs… In addition, there is an ancient tree that people call “the palace garden”.

Me Cung cave is identified as one of the relics of “Halong culture of the late period of the new stone age” by archaeologists (7,000 to 10,000 years ago). Entering the cave, tourists will have the feeling of entering a big and mysterious palace. The cave is also the home of many birds and mammals such as monkey, langurs, and chamois

In this post, we provide you with some useful information about top Bai Tu Long caves. We hope that they can play a role in the success of your trip. Do not forget to book a tour via the website La Pinta cruise Halong to get more information about Bai Tu Long Bay. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice trip!  



July 26, 2018

There are many things to consider before making up one’s mind choosing a destination for the trip throughout the year. Weather is always a question tourists often ask because many tourists feel disappointed about the destination when coming at the wrong time. So when is the ideal time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay? Let’s follow us to seek for the answer.

Bai Tu Long in spring

According to La pinta cruise Halong reviews, Bai Tu Long climate is similar to Halong Bay. Bai Tu Long is worth visiting all year round for its distinctive beauty in each season. The spring is the most humid season with a lot of drizzle and fog but it is considered the best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. The temperature in the spring range from 19 degree celsius to 31 degree celsius, it is relatively warm for tourists to participate in the outdoor activities such as cruising and fishing. During this time, Bai Tu Long Bay looks very lush with the plenty of the vivid flowers blossoming and the green of the sprouts releasing along the cliffs after a long winter.

In the spring, the sun shines slightly all day, and the water is warm and tranquil. With this kind of weather, tourist can have the best experience of Bai Tu Long as you are cruising slowly around and taking a peek at the charming scenery containing thousands of limestone mountain islands in the variety of sizes and shapes.

bai tu long weather

Bai Tu Long in summer

In the summer, the average temperature is 34.9 degree celsius. From June, when the hot and dry Southwest monsoon starts blowing over the bay and the sunlight illuminates so strong, the temperature can reach to near 40 degree celcius. Fortunately, thanks to the sea humidity and the cool breeze from the east, you will feel cooler and more easy-breathing. Summer is Bai Tu Long best season for cruising, you can book at La pinta cruise Bai Tu Long, because you can see the clear views of the stunning islands and beautiful blue sea water. The sea water is very warm so it is the ideal time for swimming and the water activities. Summer is also a perfect time to sunbathe, what a wonderful experience to have sun-tanned skin after Bai Tu Long trip. Nevertheless, it is a consideration for those who would like to sunbathe too long on the beach or sunbathe at noon, the strong heat of the sun can cause the heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and sunburn.

It may have the heavy rains during the end of June and July, but it is not long enough to ruin your trip. Swimming is one of the most exciting activities in hot days, but you should follow the guidance of tour guide, there is the jellyfish wandering in the ocean may harm at you when you touch it such as hives, rashes, allergies, etc. Be aware of sailing through Bai Tu Long in August because the tropical storms can appear in sudden.


Bai Tu Long in autumn

Autumn comes with the transformation of weather. The average temperature is cooler than 27 degrees Celsius, so it is the best time for you to enjoy the cool and pleasant atmosphere during this time. If you come to Bai Tu Long Bay in the autumn, you should consider the tropical storms which may affect or delay on your trip. However, don’t worry too much because storms are often small and quickly fading away. In case of a big storm, it is better to contact your agent for the solutions such as staying a night or two in a hotel on the mainland or moving to the other destinations in the north of Vietnam and coming back to Bai Tu Long Bay after the storm’s gone through.

Coming to October, the weather is so good. It is the ideal time for tourists to have a cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay because this type of the weather is so wonderful to enjoy all activities on board. You can let yourself drown in the beautiful landscape with the tranquil blue sea, sandy beaches, and majestic limestone, etc. The sea water is cooler than in the summer, but it is in the limit to swim. It is good to bring a cardigan, a thin sweater or a scarf.

Autumn is the perfect season in Bai Tu Long Bay for the couples or the families spending time together.

bai tu long best season

Bai Tu Long Bay in winter

Similar to most of the places in the north of Vietnam, Bai Tu Long Bay has a short dry and cold winter. The winter comes to Bai Tu Long Bay in November and becomes the coldest in January and February. It is okay to take a boat cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay in winter to see the poetic and mysterious beauty of the landscape. Some days, the temperature can drop to about 8oC and the sea temperature can go down to 23 degrees Celsius.

Its mysterious beauty in the winter still attracts a lot of tourists although swimming is not ideal during this time. However, there are a lot of exciting La pinta activities on cruise in this season such as seeing the foggy magnificent scenery on the cruise ship. Tourists like to see the mist covering the area that makes the bay look like the fairyland in the tales. If you feel it is too cold to go outside, you can stay in the cabins and enjoy reading books, listening to music and having dinner inside the boat. The cabins, which are well equipped with heating systems, are very comfortable for those kinds of activities.

Bai Tu Long Bay weather is very flexible but it has its own beauty in each season. Let’s go to enjoy your vacation in this beautiful bay. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.